Elmo L-12F Visualizer 4K Ultra HD Document Camera

Native 4K Output via HDMI. Zoom x288 (Optical Zoom x12 + Sensor x2 + Digital x12). Annotation App Pre-installed. Adjustable Arm and Camera Head. Pass-through (HDMI/RGB).

Elmo L-12W Loop Through (HDMI and RGB) Visualizer 4K Ultra HD Document Camera

Android 5.0 operating system Zoom button Auto focus button Loop signal (HDMI / RGB) White LED for better lighting Freeze function QR reader Recording function (videos: MP4 / photos: JPG) WiFi with 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Miracast (720p) Built-in microphone.

Elmo MA-1 Stem Cam with Built-In Touchscreen

Product Name Elmo MA-1 Stem Cam with Built-In Touchscreen
Sensor 1/3.2" CMOS
Optical Zoom 12X
Digital Zoom 16x
Output Resolution Full HD (1920x1080)
HDMI Output 1 x HDMI Output
Built-in Microphone 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Microphone Input
Memory Card Slot SD/SDHC/SDXC
Focus 3.9" / 100.0 mm
Image Rotation 90°, 180°
Weight 3.20 Kg
Color White
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates

Elmo MO-2 Most Immersive Stem Cam

The core of the MO-2 is the tiltable movable camera head. It serves as a video camera, a webcam, and a photo camera/scanner. It has a 16x zoomable f/2.0 lens that lets you focus in on parts of a scene or magnify details of a document from as close as 3.9 inches away.F

Elmo Mobile Document Presentation Kit – MO-1 Visualiser White, BOXi T-350 Mobile Projector, Soft Case)

The MX-1 uses a 13M image sensor and outputs image in 4K ultra-HD resolutions. Enhance student’s understanding through effective use of full-motion video in 60 fps. (60fps when used high frame mode 1080p)

Elmo MX-1 4K Ultra Compact Visualiser

The MX-1 uses a 13M image sensor and outputs image in 4K ultra-HD resolutions. Enhance student’s understanding through effective use of full-motion video in 60 fps. (60fps when used high frame mode 1080p)

Elmo MX-1 VISUAL Presenter + MCB Output Box Bundle

To simplify the camera, Elmo MX-1 is powered via Super Speed USB 3.0. The Super Speed USB 3.0 port allows for viewing of full HD video at up to 60 fps or True 4K at up to 30 fps. Experience no delay in the movement of objects under the camera. It also allows transmission of a True 4K image.

Elmo MX-1 White Visual Presenter & CRA-1 Wireless Tablet Kit

PRODUCT OVERVIEW This bundle from Elmo pairs the MX-1 Visual Presenter with the CRA-1 Wireless Tablet. The MX-1 document camera delivers 4K imaging at up to 30 fps and full 1080p video at up to 60 fps. Powered via a fast USB 3.0 interface, the camera provides delay-free viewing of moving objects. The CRA-1 Wireless Tablet enables you to annotate live images and control the camera from a distance up to 50 feet. Suited for educational applications, this kit's components can be used with your computer to create engaging, dynamic images. Its wireless capabilities free you to interact with students throughout the classroom. The MX-1 Visual Presenter has a 1/3" CMOS sensor for up to 13MP imaging and its 8x digital zoom enables you to view fine details of displayed objects. Camera features include a slim, flexible form, a 14.7" x 11" shooting area, 180° image rotation, and an off/off switchable LED lamp head. The CRA-1 Wireless Tablet offers IWB (interactive whiteboard) control and includes a USB transceiver. Tablet annotation tools include highlight, mask, scroll, and split-screen functions.

Elmo MX-P2 Visual Presenter & Document Camera

The document camera works with Elmo's Interactive Toolbox presentation software (available for download), which allows you to highlight details within images in many ways, save content, and do much more. Set up the software on your laptop or desktop computer, and easily connect to the computer via the micro-USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface and included USB cable.

Elmo OX-1 Visual Presenter

The OX-1 Visual Presenter from Elmo is an on-the-go, mobile document camera about the size of an envelope. It is so compact and lightweight that it can easily be carried inside a jacket pocket or small bag.

Elmo P10 SXGA All Rounder Desktop Document Camera

he Elmo P10 Document Camera is a high-performance document camera that enhances the classroom teaching and learning experience. Taking center-stage among the host of features offered by the digital visual presenter is the 1.49 MP CMOS chip, incorporating a 48x high-quality zoom lens that provides vivid clarity and true-color reproduction.

Elmo P30HD Full HD Visualiser

Even in an increasingly virtual world, reality is often the best teacher. Actual specimens, real three-dimensional objects, authentic documents, and pages directly from a book all make visual presentations more diverse, realistic, and vivid. Make the most of your real-world materials with an ELMO P30HD Visual Presenter. Deliver real-time, true-to-life presentations that catch and keep the attention of everyone in the room. Integrate your resources into data files for easy transfer to a PC or SD card for storage. And let the learning begin.