SMART WSE-400 Electric Height-Adjustable Wall Stand

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Intended for the flow line of SMART Board intelligent presentations, the SMART electric tallness customizable divider stand highlights 39 3/8″ (99 cm) of controlled stature change with a wellbeing skip back component that inverts course quickly if a deterrent is identified. With its strong steel outline, the stand upholds shows up to 86″ (218 cm) inclining and 212 lb. (96 kg) all out weight including embellishments. The stand has a TUV-affirmed drive framework and consents to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. The stand additionally incorporates VESA mounting focuses for simple establishment of the showcase and peripherals.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Designed for the current line of SMART Board interactive displays, the SMART electric height-adjustable wall stand features 39 3/8" (99 cm) of powered height adjustment with a safety bounce-back feature that reverses direction briefly if an obstruction is detected. With its sturdy steel frame, the stand supports displays up to 86" (218 cm) diagonal and 212 lb. (96 kg) total weight including accessories. The stand has a TUV-certified drive system and complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The stand also includes VESA mounting points for easy installation of the display and peripherals.   WSE-400 - SMART electric height-adjustable wall stand features:
  • Supports all sizes of SMART Board interactive display – 65” to 86”, up to 95kg (211 lbs)
  • 99cm (40”) maximum height adjustment
  • Rear cabinet for added hardware storage and cable management
  • Suitable for installation on gypsum plasterboard and structural-concrete massive walls
  • Floor plate provides additional stability
  • Transfers weight of the panel to the floor, expanding installation environments
  • Optional accessories:
  • Front-facing shelf for laptop or keyboard
  • Cable hook

MORE INFORMATION More Information Product Name SMART WSE-400 Electric Height-Adjustable Wall Stand Weight 90.00 Manufacturer SMART Color White Country of Origin United Arab Emirates  

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