LG Pro:Centric SMART Set Top Box STB-5500

A wireless speakers that give you the solace of tuning in to your #1 music with no bother.
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Product Description

The STB-5500 is the most recent Pro:Centric Smart set top box currently supporting Ultra High Definition (UHD) video interpreting and output resolution, in addition to an incorporated 4K picture upscaler of Full HD content on the HDMI/USB inputs.

For future equipment redesigns, the STB-5500 backings a walled in area plan with a development side-connector empowering third-party System Integrator accomplices to add their own equipment modules to convey extra abilities. For instance, a DOCSIS 3.0 link modem card is offered to give IPover-urge network availability to the STB-5500.

The STB-5500 stage empowers LG’s accomplices to convey applications that streamline the visitor experience which include:

Bluetooth Sound Sync that permits users to interface their own gadgets to stream music and play through the TV speakers.

Admittance to an extended rundown of SMART applications, including “Over-The-Top” video administrations and games.

Delicate Access Point to empower a visitor to interface their own gadgets for web access.

Straightforward cell phone blending measure for visitors utilizing Screen Sharing (Miracast)

DOCSIS 3.0 modem redesign alternative for IP over persuade correspondences (extra head-end gear required).

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