Hama Smartphone Tablet holder For Hot shoe and On DSLR With WiFi

Why pick two separate Holders when Hama has single holder for both i,e, Tablet and Smart Phone easily connected with your DSLR. Happy switching!

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Why pick one when you can have both? This holder for tablets and cell phones proclaims another time in photography. Contingent upon the circumstance, utilize your DSLR and switch in seconds to the cell phone or utilize both. Find the conceivable outcomes!

Hama Smartphone / tablet holder for hot shoe and ¼ "on DSLR with WiFi

Why choose one when you can have both? This holder for tablets and smartphones heralds a new era in photography. Depending on the situation, use your DSLR and switch in seconds to the smartphone or use both. Discover the possibilities!

  • Smartphone or tablet in the holder offers a significantly larger control monitor than the camera's display
  • One holder, many options: the combination of DSLR and tablet / smartphone makes it possible to photograph and film at the same time
  • Spherical head enables perfect aiming for images in portrait and landscape format
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  • the upgrade for your digital SLR camera with WiFi function: this holder opens up completely new perspectives for professional and additional photography and video recordings with tablet and smartphone
  • holder freely adjustable in angle; depending on the reflection and incidence of light the ideal view on tablet and smartphone
  • comfortable operation: operate the camera easily via smartphone and / or tablet, always the large display directly in view without distance to the camera; for efficient and uncomplicated work
  • the perfect complement for professional commercial selfie photos and videos, perfect for video diaries, bloggers, vloggers, modern news makers etc.
  • for a look behind the scenes: interesting for bloggers, for example take photos with the camera, film with the tablet and use the smartphone to blog
  • the flashlight function of smartphones / tablets can be used as a light source in the holder
  • compact and lightweight construction, ideal for travel and on the go
  • with this holder, all smartphones and tablets can be mounted on tripods with a ¼ "tripod connection
  • particularly flexible for smartphones with a width of 5.5 - 8.2 cm and tablets with a width of 11.2 - 18.5 cm (in cross format)
  • Clamping spring and recess in the mounting surface ensure a secure hold, rubber protects the housing from scratches
  • screwable universal holder for devices without tripod connection
  • ball knock can also be used separately for tripods, for example
  • hot shoe adapter eg also for ¼ “flash guide or reflector holders
  • only in combination with stands with ¼ “connection thread or with telescopic rods

Product Name Hama Smartphone Tablet holder For Hot shoe and On DSLR With WiFi Weight 1.00 Manufacturer Hama Color Black Country of Origin China Country of Origin China

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