GBC 4410011 Foton 30 Automatic A3 Laminator

GBC 4410011 Foton 30 Automatic A3 Laminator is available here at at very affordable prices.

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With the world’s first completely programmed office laminator, you spare 98% of your time contrasted with regular gadgets. Essentially embed the record (without film), press start button, done! The programmed feeder consistently gives impeccably covered records. Ideal if there is a customary overlay in workplaces.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW GBC Foton 30 Automatic laminator A3 With the world's first fully automatic office laminator, you save 98% of your time compared to conventional devices. Simply insert the document (without film), press start button, done! The automatic feeder always provides perfectly laminated documents. Ideal if there is a regular lamination in offices.   Highlights & Details
  • Without having to insert the laminated goods in individual foils, the device automatically laminates up to 30 DIN-A3 or DIN-A4 documents.
  • Easy to load cassette with laminating film 75, 100 or 125 mic for up to 250 documents DIN A4
  • The automatic feed ensures that the paper is correctly aligned. Thus you always receive perfectly laminated documents.
  • Manual laminating mode for heavy paper or documents with non-standard sizes, up to 250 g/m²
  • A cassette with 75 micron film is included in the delivery.
  • Intuitive control panel for easy switching between automatic and manual mode
  • An indicator light indicates when the foil cassette is empty and needs to be replaced
  • Intelligent power saving function.

MORE INFORMATION Product Name GBC 4410011 Foton 30 Automatic A3 Laminator Entry Width 297 mm Cold Lamination Yes Warm Up Time (Min) N/A Max. Document Size A3 Max. Pouch Thickness 2 x 75 mic, 2 x 100 mic, 2 x 125 mic Weight 25.48 Dimensions 570(W) x 245(H) x 478(D) Manufacturer GBC Color Transparent Country of Origin United Arab Emirates

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