Epson SureColor SC P9500 Spectro 12 colour Large Format Printer

Epson SureColor SC P9500 Spectro 12 colour Large Format Printer is available at affordable rates, Order now.

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Product Description

The SureColor SC-P9500 (44-inch) was produced for specialists and picture takers as it gives dependable proliferation to proficient sealing and quick throughput for high volume printing.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW   Perfect Cooperation The SureColor SC-P9500 (44-inch) was developed for artists and photographers as it provides reliable reproduction for professional proofing and fast throughput for high volume printing. This large format printer also features Epson's UltraChrome Pro12 ink set with K3 technology, which prints two types of black at the same time. The printers also feature orange, green and violet, providing the user with exceptional color accuracy. Everything is designed so that the complete Epson solution - printer, inks, substrates, software and support - is well matched. Creative Freedom, Consistent Results Professional photographers, the production of artworks for which the highest print quality is necessary to better sell the product to the critical customer. In addition to the 12-color ink set, the Epson-designed printheads use up to 800 nozzles for each color, making ink point placement very accurate. High speed and quality, thanks to the μTFP12 printhead with a resolution of 300 dpi and 12 channels. In addition, images are also made more beautiful by smooth color gradients and precise texture reproductions. It's all About Accuracy For packaging and proofing contrasts where precision matters, Epson has raised the bar for industry proofing. Users can now work more efficiently and confidently with color measurements and control and restoration technologies. An optional SpectroProofer with a spectrophotometer provides color measurements that are faster and more accurate, and color management for proofs is fully automated. In short, the results are flawless and constant.   User Friendly The highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface eliminates the hassle of gambling and focuses on what you do best. The 4.3-inch LCD touch screen includes a variety of configuration options, such as a large status display that is easy to see from afar, and an illuminated paper path so you can monitor printing progress. The printed pages fall on a soft cloth with the printed side up so you don't have to worry about scratches. The Epson Media Installer tool also allows you to register the media quickly and easily.
Most Important Features
  • Print quality (up to 44 "): UltraChrome Pro12 ink set from Epson with K3 technology
  • Productivity: Impressive production speeds
  • Reliability: Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and dust resistance
  • Ease of use: 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • Color Accuracy: Wide color gamut and 99% Pantone coverage 1


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