ZA-RE20 Plastic Shredder (Pipes 160mm, Molded articles )

ZA-RE20 Plastic Shredder For Grinding Small Runners are now the most essential assets to keep in case you are an eco-freak.

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Product Description

ZA Plastic Shredders are a significant segment for effective and affordable reusing and waste management tasks. Plastic shredder is intended to shred variety of plastics and has benefits well beyond handling plastics that are utilized to produce different items. They additionally function in plastic reusing offices and manufacturing firms.

Product Overview: Brand Description: ZA Plastic Shredders are an important component for efficient and economical recycling and waste management operations. Plastic shredder is designed to shred a broad range of plastics and has advantages over and above processing plastics that are used to produce other products. They also play a crucial role in plastic recycling facilities and manufacturing equipment.   Features: Cutting capacity (Per/h): 200kg Throat Size: 20"x20" Security Level: High Shredder Quality: Best Quality Designed for: Trouble-free operation Specification: Type Of Shredder: Plastic Shradder. No. of Blades: 05 Length of Blades: 20" Machine Weight: 900Kg More Information Product Name ZA-RE20 Plastic Shredder (Pipes 160mm, Molded articles ) Weight 2,645.00 Shredder Type Plastic Shredder Throat Size 20"x20" Grinding Capacity/hr 200kg Power 15HP No. of Blades 5 Length of Blades 20" Color Light Grey Country of Origin United Arab Emirates

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