Comix B2988 Comb Binding Paper Punch Machine

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Product Description

This is the most used item for departments like HR, Finance and Marketing, The documentation needs to be punched appropriately and filed up in proper mechanism.

  • Binding machine for plastic binding
  • Punching and binding the document with lever system
  • Binding Capacity : 12 paper sheets a time (A4/80 grams)
  • Binding Width : 12 inches (A4) on 21 holes
  • Bindable with plastic binding with thickness capacity up to 450 sheets (80 grams) 2 inches
  • Setting the gap distance from the paper rim up to 4 positions (3-6 mm.)
  • Max.binding capacity:450sheets/51mm Rings
  • Max punching capacity:12 sheets
  • Holes:21 holes
  • Paper margin:3/4/5/6mm
  • Distance between holes:14.3mm
  • Hole size:3*8mm

Product Name Comix B2988 Comb Binding Paper Punch Machine Punch Capacity 12 sheets Binding Capability 450sheets /51mm Rings Weight 8.16 Manufacturer Comix Color Black Country of Origin

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