Anchor ANTRCPM860-ZA Vesa Trolley Mobile Cart

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Product Description

The inventive floor stand, custom fitted for enormous size screens and contact shows, consistently coordinate your showcase, offering an elevated level of adaptability. The M mechanized tilt and table is valuable for screens up to 84″. These serious arrangements will give open, agreeable and ergonomically right touchscreen situating, that improves efficiency and upgrades the general client experience. When screens get huge, portable checks. Frequently high on cost the screens should be moved among rooms, and in some cases put away in a protected spot. Clean planned at this point vigorous and stabile versatile floor stand keeps the touchscreen from shaking when being utilized.

Anchor ANTRCPM860-ZA Vesa Trolley Mobile Cart

The innovative floor stand, tailored for large-size screens and touch displays, seamlessly integrate your display, offering a high level of flexibility. The M motorized tilt and table is useful for screens up to 84". These advanced solutions will provide accessible, comfortable and ergonomically correct touchscreen positioning, that improves productivity and enhances the overall user experience.When screens get big, mobile counts. Often high on cost the screens needs to be moved between rooms, and sometimes stored in a safe place. Clean designed yet robust and stabile mobile floor stand prevents the touchscreen from shaking when being used.  

Featuers & Specifications:

  • Large screen capacity 120 kg max
  • VESA 800x600 max
  • Motorized movement for a perfect position
  • Move the screen up, down or to a table position
  • The quiet electrical motor discreetly but distinct moves the screen in position
  • Optimized for your audience, sitting, standing or leaning over the screen
  • Made to pass through doorways and over thresholds
  • A variety of accessories available
  • Unit comes pre-mounted and reduces installation time significantly

MORE INFORMATION Product Name Anchor ANTRCPM860-ZA Vesa Trolley Mobile Cart Weight 264.00 Manufacturer Anchor Color Grey Country of Origin United Arab Emirates

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