Anchor 222cm x 125cm 100” Radiant Series 16:9 ALR Motorized Projector Screen

Product Description

Radiant Series ALR Motorized Screen with Clear Black Material (Japan made ALR screen material)

Black Crystal is made of PVC, which is coated with special anti-light material, which absorbs ambient light and lamplight. It has a great anti-interference feature. There is a layer fo crystal in the middle of the surface, which effectively improves the brightness and contrast. Its gain is 0.8. Designed to deploy in front of a flat panel TV when a larger projected image is desired. Easy Installation- Adjustable floating special brackets make ceiling or wall installation extremely easy. Stylish and durable - The aluminum alloy housing is stylish and durable, available in white or black color. The slim bottom bar will retract into the housing as a cover. The motor in roller design - Special Motor in roller design keeps a quiet and smooth operation. Equipped with quiet tubular motor - Equipped with quiet tubular motor keep a quiet operation. Custom size - Screen fabric has a black border all around. Standard large upper black drop for format at 4:3/16:9/2.35:1, Customer-required format or black border is acceptable. Equipped with IR/RF control, 12V trigger port and a high-quality controller.

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