ABB Powervalue 11/31 T 10KVA B2 Single-Phase UPS

The PowerValue 11/31 T produces steady sinewave AC power with close output voltage guideline.

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Product Description

Easy to install with a little impression, the PowerValue 11/31 T produces steady, managed, sans transient, clean sinewave AC power with amazingly close output voltage guideline.

  ABB 31?10KVA B2 Powervalue Tower Simple to install and with a small footprint, the PowerValue 11/31 T produces stable, regulated, transient-free, pure sinewave AC power with extremely tight output voltage regulation.   Energy savings thanks to 93% efficiency 97% efficiency in ECO mode Low harmonic distortions (< 5% THDi) and active power factor correction (0.99 input PF) eliminate interference from other equipment in the network Paralleling and redundancy capability (up to 4 units in parallel) increases system capacity and availability Integrated automatic and manual bypass simplifies maintenance and reduces need for external switchgears. Frequency converter operation to convert 50 to/from 60 Hz Compact solution that can achieve 5-16 min runtime with internal batteries Same model supports different wiring schemes: three-phase and single-phase input as well as single and dual input feed. Brief Specifications
  • PowerValue 11/31 T 10 kVA
  • UPS frame rated power: 9 kW
  • Batteries: internal backup ? single string 5 mins, 2 strings 16 mins
  • Parallel configuration: up to 4 units
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 350x890x715mm
  • Weight without batteries (kg): 65

MATIONREVIEWSPRODUCT DATASHEET 1 More Information Product Name ABB Powervalue 11/31 T 10KVA B2 Single-Phase UPS Output Power 10.0kVA/ 10000VA Output Voltage 0.9 Input Frequency 55 - 65 Hz for 60 Hz system Input Voltage Range 1ph + N: 220 / 230 / 240 VAC Interface Ports LCD Control Panel LCD Display Battery Type VRLA, vented lead-acid Recharge Time - Audible Alarm - Cord Length - Approvals Network interface (SNMP card), dry- contact card (AS400) Dimensions 350*890*715 Shipping Dimensions - Weight 178.00 Shipping Weight - Manufacturer ABB Color Black

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