ABB Powervalue?11/ 31?10KVA Tower

ABB Powervalue?11/ 31?10KVA Tower provides a proficient uninterruptible power supply with adaptable run time.

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Product Description

For the proprietors or administrators of security frameworks, electrical establishments, building the board frameworks, IT rooms and so forth, a solid gracefully of electrical force is fundamental.

An efficient uninterruptible power supply with scalable runtime For the owners or operators of security systems, electrical installations, building management systems, IT rooms and the like, a reliable supply of electrical power is essential. ABB?s new compact PowerValue 11/31 T UPS slots perfectly into this market segment. It incorporates all the features necessary to deliver reliable power, low running costs, long battery life, easy maintenance and full flexibility for the user. Available in tower format, this UPS features double conversion, voltage and frequency independent (VFI) topology that protects against all supply failures. 10 and 20 kVA versions are available ? and up to four units can be configured in parallel to boost power capability or provide redundancy. Three-phase or single-phase inputs can be accommodated and this choice is configurable in the field for maximum flexibility. Further, the PowerValue 11/31 T UPS can handle single or dual inputs ? allowing the customer to manage two independent power sources. Simple to install and with a small footprint, the PowerValue 11/31 T produces stable, regulated, transient-free, pure sinewave AC power with extremely tight output voltage regulation. Highlights: Energy savings thanks to efficiencies up to 94% (online). 97% efficiency in ECO mode. Low harmonic distortions (< 5% THDi) and active power?factor correction (0.99 input PF) eliminate interference?from other equipment in the network. Parallelling up to 4 units allows for increase of capacity?and introduction of redundancy to system to enhance?availability. Integrated manual bypass switch simplifies maintenance?and reduces need for external switchgears.?Can operate as frequency converter (50 Hz to/from 60 Hz). Compact solution that can achieve 5-16 min runtime?with internal batteries. Same model supports different wiring schemes:?three-phase and single-phase input as well as single?and dual input feed Benefits: Scalable
  • Different autonomy variations with inbuilt batteries oradditional battery cabinets.
  • Simple power increase (pay-as-you-grow) by paralleling up to 4 units.
  • Online double conversion topology delivers constant and stable power to the load even in the presence of severe disturbances in the utility.
  • Parallelable up to 4 units to provide system redundancy.
  • Programmed and automated battery tests ensure an optimized battery management, operation and life time.
Reduced costs
  • High efficiency reduces the quantity of power consumed by your installation.
  • Reduced heat losses maintain a lower operating temperature, thus prolonging the lifetime of components and batteries.
  • The small footprint saves space and makes installation simpler.
  • Single- or three-phase input is field configurable - adaptable to installation requirements.
  • Single or dual input power source compatible (field configurable).

More Information Product Name ABB Powervalue?11/ 31?10KVA Tower Output Voltage 220 Volts Input Frequency 45 - 55 Hz for 50 Hz systems / 55 - 65 Hz for 60 Hz system Input Voltage Range 1ph + N: 220 / 230 / 240 VAC 3ph + N: 380 / 400 / 415 VAC Interface Ports LCD Control Panel LCD display Battery Type VRLA, vented lead-acid Recharge Time - Audible Alarm - Cord Length - Approvals Network interface (SNMP card), dry- contact card (AS400 Dimensions 350*890*715 Shipping Dimensions 350*890*715 Weight 56.00 Shipping Weight 56

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