ABB 11 Tower G2‐2KVA Powervalue UPS

The product provides a proficient uninterruptible power supply with adaptable run time.

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Product Description

For the proprietors or administrators of security frameworks, electrical establishments, building the board frameworks, IT rooms and so forth, a solid gracefully of electrical force is fundamental.

PowerValue 11RT The single-phase UPS for critical applications ABB’s PowerValue11RT is a double-conversion online UPS that guarantees up to10kVA of clean, reliable power for your critical single-phase applications. As well as maintaining power to your servers, point-of-sale terminals, workstation clusters, routers, switches, hubs and sensitive electronic equipment, the PowerValue11RT also conditions incoming power to eliminate spikes, swells, sags, noise and harmonics. The PowerValue11RT can be used as a standalone UPS device or installed into a standard 19"rack configuration, with connectivity options available for each. Three units of the 6 or 10kVA models can be configured in parallel to provide redundancy or to increase the systems total capacity up to 30 kW. All units can be fitted with up to four battery modules to extend runtime High reliability
  • Reliable double conversion topology protects load from all input disturbances
  • Batteries can be added or replaced easily
  • Reduced recovery time from discharge
  • Redundant parallel operation available (6 and10kVA units)
Low cost of ownership
  • Scalable runtime
  • High operating efficiency, regardless of loading
  • Reduced installation and upgrading costs
  • Compact design
Flexible design
  •  Configurable in tower or rack-mount format
  • Rotatable display
  • UPS can be connected with up to four parallel battery modules for extended runtime
  • Long backup models available
  • Full set of accessories and connectivity options
Efficient service concept
  • Manually operated maintenance bypass switch (optional)
  • Easy set up and maintenance (plug and play)
  • User-friendly display
  • Hot swap user-replaceable batteries

More Information Product Name ABB 11 Tower G2‐2KVA Powervalue UPS Output Power 2kVA/ 2000VA Output Voltage 240 Volts Input Frequency 45-55 Hz / 54-66 Hz Input Voltage Range 208/220/230/240 VAC Interface Ports LCD Control Panel LCD Battery Type VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) Recharge Time 3h to 90% Audible Alarm - Cord Length - Approvals ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001 Dimensions 438x86.5(2U) x436mm Shipping Dimensions 438x86.5(2U) x436mm Weight 9.30 Shipping Weight 19.7 Manufacturer ABB Color Black

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